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Please Read Before Ordering

NOTE: This is NOT a commission. All things below it are.

All prices shown that are not in the description are not true.

I will NOT accept any commission unless ordered through note (or social media I have mentioned in the "Stalk Me" section of my deviantID) and payed through donation pool.

Pictures will take about 3 days to 1 week to be completed when commissioned. Please look at my donation pool to see the status of your order.  

My payment is as follows: Pay me half the price before I start the piece and half after. If the number is odd then before I draw I would like the extra point.

Example: The cost is 15 :points: 15 is an odd number so you would pay the grater half (8 :points:) before I draw and then the rest (7:points:) after I draw.

 Thank you for letting me draw for you!

Any more questions? Note me! ^_^

Manga Art (Digital)
Hikari by Shiirosen
Sonata Shinonome by Shiirosen
Kano Shuuya by Shiirosen
Manga art done digitally.  
Backgrounds are transparent.

Headshot: 40 :points:
Half Body: 50 :points:
Full Body: 60 :points:

A simple background is +5:points:
A complicated background is +10:points:
Flat Color is +5:points:
Shading&Color is +15:points: 
Manga Art (Traditional)
Lucy Heartfilia by Shiirosen
InuKami: Yoko by Shiirosen
Sakura by Shiirosen
An illustration in manga style done with paper and a pencil. Lineart only.

Headshot: 20 :points:
Half Body: 25 :points:
Full Body: 30 :points:

Coloring Not Available.
Backgrounds Not Available.
Manga Chibis!
Neko Among the Flowers by Shiirosen
Chibi done digitally or traditionally. 

Digital: 30 :points:
Traditional: 15 :points:

Shading: +10 :points:
Too Much Gaming by Shiirosen
I will roughly sketch you something. I can add words if wanted. Digital.

Price: 5 :points:

Le Art Rules


Shiirosen has started a donation pool!
118 / 200
Pay for commissions here.

Rosy will also take points if you enjoy her art.
Thank you!


Prices for art:

(Check commissions widget)


:bulletblack: Unstarted
:bulletred: Idea Ready (In head)
:bulletorange: Idea Drawn (on paper)
:bulletyellow: Scanned in
:bulletgreen: Traced
:bulletblue: Colored
:bulletpurple: Shaded
:bulletpink: Done!
:bulletwhite: Uploaded
:( Needed to be started over

:star-empty: Step barley started (Ideas Prepared in head)
:star-half: Step WIP (Work in Progress)
:star: Step Done (but didn't start next step yet)

On Lineart :bulletgreen: or :bulletblue: may be skipped.







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Sorry for disorganization. I post what I relate to when I see it. I will NOT spend time organizing stamps! I might put arrows and quotes mext to a stamp if I feel like it :p

MY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkyn Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96 SMILE by Hend25 Pokemon Fan by AssClownFish Stamp Request: somepersonsomewheres by The-Lost-Hope Procrastinator by fear-the-brilliance Not ROCKET SCIENCE by AssClownFish It's in my head, I swear by AssClownFish Character Stamp by Arpie Casual MLP Fan by Candy-Swirl XD Stamp by MimiMarieT Chocolate... by prosaix I wish... by prosaix Night owl by prosaix The power of flight by prosaix Slow interwebz by prosaix Sweet tooth by prosaix I love kawaii by prosaix I Love Rainbows Stamp by ClefairyKid Fun not fame... by prosaix Not popular and happy by prosaix 21 12 2012 by prosaix I love the lol corner by prosaix Individuality by prosaix Food addiction by prosaix Life in pink-Optimism by prosaix Chocoholic by prosaix I support ignoring by prosaix I support static emotes by prosaix Here for art by prosaix I laugh at fandom haters by prosaix Forgetful by prosaix I wanna move things with my mind by prosaix Mental Wi-Fi by prosaix Pageviews by prosaix Kute kittens by prosaix Heart-warming llamas by prosaix NEW CAKE BADGES NOW AVAILABLE by prosaix Art at 3 AM by blackdahlia Peppermint stamp by blackdahlia Anime Freak Stamp by auniquebaka I have way too many stamps by jreaver Death Note Stamp by Busiris BAKA stamp by Gezusfreek Stamp 2 by Omicron- Anime Guys Are Hotter by Darkest-OfTimes ..Anime.. by NoAngelHonestlystamps by meteored

Haters Gonna Hate (and other fabulous GIFs)


Mar 2, 2015
11:47 am
Mar 2, 2015
9:30 am
Mar 2, 2015
5:47 am
Mar 2, 2015
2:38 am
Mar 2, 2015
2:03 am


Shiirosen's Profile Picture
Rosy Bloom
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

My Anime List (WIP) :…
Instagram: RosyBloom_Chan
LINE ID: rosybloom_chan
Kik: RosalieBloom
Steam: Avalil


Software: Manga Studio 5
Tablet: Huion 680S


Let's see how much I changed!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 6:50 PM
Time to retake some old quizzes I took when I joined the site.
OC Interview

Don't have one. I'll interview as myself.

.Pick one of your FCs/OCs.
2.Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your FC/OC .
3.Tag 3 people at the end of the quiz

1.) What's your name?

2.) Do you know why you were named that?
Because I can be.Deal With It - Elsa (Icon) 

3.) Are you single or taken?
Single. Who needs a guy when you have internet. :zsnap: 

4.) Have any abilities or powers?

I can dig a hole in the ground, hop into it, and pretend I'm a potato. Akari Akazaki (Smirk and Cries) [V1] 

5.) Stop being a Mary-sue.
Not one. Rainbow La -plz account- 

6.) If you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?
Nupe. scared.... "the 2nd" 

7.) Have any family members?
My fellow Earthlings.

8.) How about pets?
Mah cats.

9.) Tell me something that you don't like.
Motivation but no ideas.
Ideas but no motivation.
10.) Something that you do like?
Yagami LightLight Yagami Gif 
LL Pocket Sprite 
Usui TakumiUsui-hehehe (Takumi Usui) 

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

12.) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
Words can hurt. I apologize.

13.) Ever... killed anyone before?
Nupe. Haruhi Suzumiya Emote - Thumbs Up 

14.) What kind of animal are you
Homo Sapiens

15.) Name your worst habits.
Internet addiction.

16.) Do you look up to anyone at all?
SENPAIIII!Party Hard and Spazzing Joon 

17.) Gay, straight, or bi?

18.) Do you go to school?

19.) Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

20.) Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?

21.) What are you most afraid of?

22.)*snicker* Ok, ok. What colour is your hair?
Black. Just like my soul....:love: 

23.) Eyes?

24.) What do you usually wear?
Jeans and a t-shirt

25.) Ok. What's your religion?
No religion.

26.) Do you wish this quiz is over?

27.) Well, it's still not over.
That's cool.Glamorous Shades 

28.) Anyways, where do you live?
The known universe.

29.) What class are you?
Mage. Clearly mage.

30.) How many friends do you have?
Enough to be happy.

31.) Wow. If you could change anything about you, what would you change?
I wish I could sing... and maybe learn languages better.

32.) If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? And I don't want no cheap answer, ya hear?
I would donate it to different foundations that focus on scientific discovery.

33.) What are your thoughts on pie?
You mean pi? 3.1415926535897932384626433?Pi Guy 

34.) Alright. What's your favorite food?
PizzaI haz pizza 

35.) Favorite drink?
Soda! Dr. Pepper to be specific. Soda glomp 

36.) What is your favorite place?
My room.

37.) Least favorite?

38.) Do you still want the quiz to end?
Naw. Emotes are fun.

39.) Yeah. Well, it's over. D:


How Much Am I Worth?
Natural Hair Color:
[ ] Brown - $100
[ ] Blonde - $50
[x] Black - $15
[ ] Bald - $5
[ ] Other - $75

Total: $15

Eye Color:
[x] Brown - $50
[ ]Green - $75
[ ] Blue - $150
[ ] Hazel - $100
[ ] Other - $15

Total so far: $65

[ ] 50 to 56 - $175
[ ] 46 to 50 - $150
[ ] 41 to 45 - $125
[ ] 31 to 40 - $100
[ ] 26 to 30 - $75
[ ] 21 to 25 - $50
[ ] 19 to 20 - $25
[x] 0 to 18 - $100

Total so far: $165

Birth Order:
[ ] Twins or more than twins - $750
[x] First born - $320
[ ] Only Child - $250
[ ] Second born - $150
[ ] Middle child - $100
[ ] Last Born - $100
[ ] Third born - $550
[ ] Fourth born - $300
[ ] Fifth born - $400
[ ] Sixth born -$215

Total so far: $485

[ ] I did like once - $400
[ ] Only Holidays - $250
[ ] sometimes - $215
[ ] YES - $200
[ ] only weekends - $300
[ ] every other day - $50
[ ] once a day - $15
[ ] I live from the bottle - $bankrupt$
[x] No - $600

Total so far: $1085

[ ] perfect vision - $400
[ ] need or have glasses/contacts but don't wear them - $200 
[ ] No correction - $100
[x] Glasses - $50
[ ] Contacts - $25
[ ] Surgical correction - $100

Total so far: $1135

Shoe Size:
[ ] 13+ - $300
[ ] 12 and a half to 13 - $250
[ ] 11 to 12 - $400
[x] 7 to 10 - $50
[ ] Under 7- $50

Total so far: $1185

Favorite Colors (multiple):
[ ] Green - $750
[ ] Red - $600
[x] Black - $100
[ ] Yellow -$475
[ ] Brown - $300
[x] Purple - $225
[ ] White - $400
[x] Aqua - $350
[ ] Orange - $300
[x] Blue - $300
[ ] Pink - $100
[x] Other - $500

Total: $2200-ishhhhh

Did you use a calculator to add it all up?
[ ] Yes - $0
[x] nope - add $1000
[ ]some - $750

Final Total: $3200-ishhhh



Keyboard Thingss

I just changed my username. Won't this be fun?

What is your username?

Spell it backwards:

Spell it with your elbow (it took ten minutes O_O):
Shikikrftlosd n

Spell it with your eyes shut:

Spell it with your forehead (ROFL):

Spell it with your lips:

Spell it with your nose:
smimifo,zswexn (LAPTOP IN LE WAY!)

Slam your face into the keybored (Fuuunnn! XD):





Disney Princess Quiz


1. Answer the things below
2. figure out what princess u r.
3. tag people when ur done!

[ ] You've kissed someone your friends didn't like.
[ ] You've been lost in the forest. 
[x] You love to read.
[x] You are not shy at all.
[x] One of your family members is a bit weird.
[ ] You have done volunteer work.
[x] You have a wild imagination.
[x] You love to take care of people in need.
[ ] You've had guys like you only because they think you're pretty. 
[ ] You've rejected at least one person when they've asked you out.
Total: 5

[x] You're an <bold>orphaned child</bold> or have an evil step-mother.
[x] You have many different hobbies to keep you busy.
[x] You can get really bored.
[x] You have very long hair.
[ ] Your hair is/was bright blonde.
[x] You're an artsy person.
[ ] You're childish.
[ ] You can't wait to stop the same routine each day and start living. 
[x] You care about others and their feelings.
[x] You like to follow the rules.
Total: 7

[ ] You have/had a pet rabbit.
[ ] You love to play cards.
[ ] You constantly know the time.
[ ] You get yourself in sticky situations.
[ ] You have been to a court.
[ ] You have fallen asleep while doing your homework.
[ ] You have had a tea party.
[ ] You like hats.
[ ] You're late.
[ ] You know how to play croquet.
Total: 0

[ ] Your dad is rich.
[x] You are very clever.
[ ] You've been with someone way different from you.
[x] You're unique and different from everyone else.
[x] You'd never marry someone just because they were rich.
[x] You have set a lot of goals for yourself.
[x] You don't have a lot of (good) friends.
[x] You're independent.
[ ] You are wealthy.
[x] Your parents try to control your life.
Total: 7

[ ] Your boyfriend/crush is strong.
[ ] You have gotten involved with the wrong people before.
[x] You are very convincing.
[ ] You have fallen in love before.
[ ] You have had your heart broken.
[x] You find an interest in Greek mythology.
[x] You lie sometimes.
[x] You pretend to be someone you're not. (Well, online I'm Rosy...)
[ ] You have been used.
[x] Purple is one of your favorite colors.
Total: 5

[x] Your parents expect a lot from you.
[ ] You really try to follow the rules, but it's hard for you.
[ ] You're a bit of a trouble maker.
[ ] You're the youngest in your family.
[ ] You have a lot of sisters.
[x] You collect something.
[x] You have/had long hair.
[ ] You are adventurous.
[x] You're extremely curious.
[ ] You believe everything people tell you/you're a bit gullible. 
Total: 4

[ ] You live/have lived with someone other than your parents.
[ ] You almost died at a very young age. 
[x] You are gentle, loving, and/or thoughtful.
[ ] You have a decent singing voice.
[x] You like to sleep in late on the weekend.
[ ] You spend most of your time outside.
[x] You're adopted.
[ ] You're very romantic.
[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors.
Total: 3

[ ] One of your parents is dead.
[ ] You are expected to do a lot of chores.
[ ] You love to dress up.
[ ] You love animals.
[ ] You are waiting patiently for your Prince Charming.
[ ] Your mom is really strict.
[ ] You have sisters who seem kind of jealous of you.
[ ] You're afraid to speak your mind sometimes.
[ ] You have left your shoes at a friend's house before.
[ ] You have/had blonde hair.
Total: 0

Snow White
[ ] You know that you're beautiful.
[ ] Sometimes it seems like your mom is jealous of you.
[ ] You've almost been killed.
[ ] You have at least seven good friends.
[ ] You've had food poisoning.
[ ] You have/had short hair.
[x] You get along with almost everyone. 
[ ] All of your friends are different.
[x] You love to have a good time.
[ ] You're happier when you're out of the house than in.
Total: 2

[ ] You get jealous easily.
[x] You loved your childhood.
[x] You like to fly.
[ ] You believe in magic.
[ ] You're 5'2" or under.
[ ] You hate pirates.
[ ] You love sparkles.
[ ] People underestimate you.
[ ] You get angry easily.
[ ] You have/had a treehouse.
Total: 2

[ ] You love to walk around and explore big cities.
[ ] You are more spiritual than religious.
[ ] You've been in an interracial relationship.
[ ] One of your family members is dead.
[x] Your parents are very protective of you.
[ ] Someone you know has been in the war.
[ ] You love nature.
[x] You have/had black hair.
[ ] You would love to move somewhere exotic and beautiful.
[ ] You're very adventurous.
Total: 2

[x] You can be a tomboy sometimes.
[x] People wish you could be a bit more girly.
[x] You've pretended to be someone you're not.
[ ] You've had a physical fight.
[ ] You have/had considered running away from home. 
[ ] Your parents try to plan your life out. 
[x]A lot of your friends are boys. 
[x sometimes find yourself in bad situations.
[/You love your family so much that you'd do anything to protect them
Total: 5.5

Rapunzel and Jasmine

Purple CSS

Images & Code by CrimsonReach
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19 hours ago
:iconshiirosen:Shiirosen has changed their username (formerly RosyBloom-Chan)
Art Trade: Pengirl for Shinihime964 by Shiirosen
Art Trade: Pengirl for Shinihime964
I managed to finish this before midnight tonight! Wooohoo! Please enjoy!
I tried a few different techniques with the shading, and I'm not sure I like them all. 

This was my half of an art trade with :iconshinihime964:Shinihime964

Journal History

Like the new username? 

3 deviants said Yes!
1 deviant said Meh..
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No deviants said Old one was better...




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